BOTOX Basics

June 7, 2013

What makes one person’s Botox look better than another’s? Plain and simple, the skill of the injector determines everything. To achieve a natural-looking result, it is important to know exactly where to put the Botox, and exactly how much of the product to use. This differs for every person’s face, which is why it is important to go to a plastic surgeon who has a knowledge of the deeper anatomy. After years of operating on patients as a board-certified plastic surgeon, I know my way around facial muscles and nerves. This helps protect against the dangers of creating downed brows, pulled eyelids, frozen faces, waxy foreheads, or scary “unnatural” expressions. Whenever you see people who look like they’ve had too much Botox — you’re right; they have! The person administering the Botox should know that less is more. This is why my patients don’t look like they’ve had anything done; they simply look good.

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