BOTOX Specifics

June 14, 2013

When I inject my patients with Botox, there are specific techniques I employ to make the experience — and the results — the best. Many patients, when leaving my office after their treatments, comment that there are no marks or telltale signs of having had the procedure. This is because I use tiny needles that I import from Japan that are as small as acupuncture needles with holes in them. These not only make the experience more comfortable, but also disturb very little tissue (as compared to larger needles, which can leave “insertion marks” that look like small pimples). In addition, to increase patient comfort, I use quick-acting numbing cream that I have specially formulated. I employ numerous secrets to help prevent any type of bruising that might occur. As important as patient comfort is, equally important is the result. I mix my Botox for maximum strength and longevity, and I know exactly which points to inject to achieve the best results.

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