Mini Face Lift in Manhattan

June 7, 2013

Face lifts are not what they once were! If the idea conjures up images of skin pulled too tight, mouths stretched to the ears, and incisions that extend into the hairline, then you are not thinking of the truly beautiful and natural-looking possibilities of a mini face lift. The hallmark of good plastic surgery is that it doesn’t show: results should reveal a fresher, more youthful you — not a distorted you. “When is the correct age to have a face lift?” my patients often ask. The answer is not age-related, but related to your aging process. Some people choose to have a face lift in their 40s, while others might wait until they are in their 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s. After a certain point in time, fillers and Botox can only do so much. If you’ve studied your face in the mirror and have imitated lifting your skin, eliminating wrinkles and folds, I invite you into my office so I can educate you further about the subtle and effective surgical procedure known as a mini face lift.