Mommy Makeover In NYC

May 17, 2013

Why is it that there are so many beautiful mothers who are now just as confident with their bodies as they were before having children? Diet and exercise help, but they can’t solve every natural biological change that takes place when a woman goes through pregnancy. Stomachs get stretched out and waistlines disappear; breasts droop and often lose volume. A “Mommy Makeover” is a surgical procedure to lift and (if wanted) revolumize the breasts, as well as to tighten the skin of the stomach, taper the waist, and by doing so, to give a woman her figure back — sometimes a better figure than she began with! Many patients enjoy the ability to wear a t-shirt without needing a bra, and are pleased to wear bikinis without any incisions showing. Muffin tops disappear thanks to the liposuction that I always employ when performing a Mommy Makeover. In all of my surgeries, I take into account the specific healing progress of each of my patients, which helps to quicken recovery time. I would be happy to consult you regarding your individual aesthetic needs if you have any of the issues I’ve described above.