Neurofibroma & Lipomas

Neurofibromas, fibromas, and lipomas are generally benign tumors. A neurofibroma arises in nerve tissue; a fibroma in fibrous tissue; and a lipoma in fatty tissue. These growths can be unsightly and can cause discomfort and pain. Dr. Weintraub excises these tumors in the comfort, ease, and privacy of his office, either under local anesthesia for the superficial tumors, or under light general anesthesia for the deeper tumors.  He is expert at sewing the excision site with microthin suture material to minimize any possibility of a scar, working slowly and carefully to ensure that the skin shows very little (if any) evidence of having had a tumor removed. After removal, the tissue will be sent to confirm that it is not cancerous. If you are considering excision of these tumors, this section can give you a basic understanding of these procedures.