Traveling For Surgery

Traveling For Surgery

Faraway patients traveling to New York to top NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Weintraub are privy to the comfort and amenities of Dr. Weintraub’s Fifth Avenue office. A private entrance allows for anonymity, and patients are made to feel welcome and secure in our hospital-grade, state-of-the-art, fully licensed and accredited surgical facility, the most beautiful, private and well-equipped in NYC.

All surgical arrangements pre- and post-procedure are orchestrated by our accommodating medical staff. Communication for your intended surgery often takes place via three photos of the affected area (one straight on, and two profiles) emailed to Dr. Weintraub ( Dr. Weintraub will study your photos and will phone at a time convenient for you. A phone consultation will then take place, clarifying your needs and focusing on your plastic-surgical issues. Pretesting can be done in your hometown by your local doctor before you travel to NYC in an effort to identify any glaring or unforeseen medical issues which might jeopardize your ability to have surgery (you will need CBC, electrolyte panel, PT, PTT, platelet count, urinalysis, chest X-ray, EKG).  Dr. Weintraub will see you in person at least two days before your surgery.

Patients can opt for a private plane or commercial airline into one of New York’s major airports (JFK, La Guardia, or Newark), within close proximity to Dr. Weintraub’s office. Upon arrival, patients can check in to one of New York’s luxurious hotels. The renowned Pierre hotel is located directly across the street from our office, making it most convenient.  Others are located within a ten-block radius such as The St. Regis, The Peninsula, The Mandarin Oriental, and The Four Seasons.  Further uptown are The Carlyle, The Mark, and The Surrey.

Additionally, international patients traveling to Dr. Weintraub’s NYC location for surgery can take in the sights and sounds of the city with our International Concierge Program. From dining at the finest restaurants to visiting New York’s theaters, museums, and stadiums, patients have access to the complete New York City experience. Our dedicated staff will attend to all pre-and post-surgical-care arrangements during your visit, so you can prepare and recover without worry.

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How To Get Started

Dr. Weintraub and his staff will be happy to discuss traveling to his NYC location for surgery. Please call our office to set up a private consultation. We hope you look forward to our warm welcome and the opportunity for us to help you make an educated and confident decision.

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