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Patient Testimonials

Board-certified top NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Weintraub believes that successful plastic surgery should be invisible: you should look attractive, but never “done.” Dr. Weintraub uses his expertly developed surgical skills to execute extremely refined techniques that are never about “rushing” through surgery, but instead, he focuses on implementing the highest-quality decision making in his surgical approach, knowing that the outcome will be enjoyed by his patients for the rest of their lives. He takes very seriously producing the best aesthetic outcome, and develops a personalized relationship with each and every patient in order to ensure their individual goals are fully met.  Dr. Weintraub has helped countless people achieve natural-looking results. Below are links to both print and video testimonials from some of Dr. Weintraub’s patients who describe their experience at our NYC location, as well as the life-changing results they enjoy thanks to their surgery with Dr. Weintraub.

Dr. Weintraub in the Media

Additionally, Dr. Weintraub has lent his opinion to countless news and media outlets over the years, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Tonight, Time magazine, The New York Times and ABC News, among others, providing insight on both plastic surgery and non-surgical techniques to improve one’s looks. Below, you will find links to media pieces in print and video that feature Dr. Weintraub.