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When a woman is unhappy with the appearance of her breasts, it can damage both her self-confidence and sense of femininity. In addition, breasts that are too large can cause significant discomfort. Many patients believe that breast implants always appear obvious, yet with the techniques that Dr. Weintraub employs, nothing could be farther from the truth! Having designed his own medical instrumentation, Dr. Weintraub prefers whenever possible to use the trans-axillary, subpectoral approach, meaning that the implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle and inserted through a tiny incision in the underarm. In addition, he is an expert at organic breast augmentation, using a patient’s own fat (rather than implants) to provide volume to breasts.

Dr. Weintraub's Surgical Secrets

“Breasts greatly affect a woman’s self-image.”

“After a beautiful breast augmentation,, one should notice the breasts, not the implants.”

“The goal of a breast lift is to allow a woman to go braless and look and feel great.”

“One of the biggest trends in breast surgery is to remove the implants and replace the lost volume with autologous fat taken from a patient’s own body.”

“Using the transaxillary subpectoral approach in breast augmentation, there are no scars anywhere near the breast.”