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The nose occupies the most crucial position directly in the center of the face, providing symmetry, balance, and character. As such, when we are not satisfied with the size, shape, or aesthetics of our nose, our confidence is often negatively affected. Board-certified New York plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Weintraub is regarded worldwide as a top rhinoplasty surgeon with decades of experience. He is an expert not only at primary rhinoplasty, but complex revisionary cases as well. When performing rhinoplasty surgery, he takes each patient’s ethnicity and facial structure into account to achieve the most natural-looking results. If you are also suffering from breathing issues such as a deviated septum or turbinate hypertrophy, he can tailor your rhinoplasty surgery to address these concerns as well.

Dr. Weintraub's Surgical Secrets

“One nose does not fit all!”

“The secret to rhinoplasty surgery is to create a nose that not only looks good postoperatively, but will look good for decades to come.”“The nasal tip plays a tremendous role in helping patients to appear young. A plunging tip is a telltale sign of aging.”

“Open vs. closed: a big controversy. The truth is that both approaches are viable, depending on the case. A wise surgeon must know which approach is the appropriate one to use.”

“The secret to male rhinoplasty is to create a nose that retains its masculinity. Men should have strong, straight noses without too much tissue removed.”