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Top New York plastic surgeon Dr. Barry Weintraub’s tremendous experience allows him to create sophisticated facial harmony. Every patient deserves a specific approach, and Dr. Weintraub takes into account each patient’s facial width, the distance from forehead to chin, the underlying bone structure, and relative proportion of the important anatomical markers (eyes, nose, mouth). Every aspect of a patient’s face must be noted to produce the most natural-looking results that precisely respect their own individual look. In Dr. Weintraub’s age-reduction surgeries such as facelifting and neck lifting, he combines a nuanced aesthetic with the newest techniques to restore skin and underlying tissues to a more youthful state. With his augmentative surgeries of the face, Dr. Weintraub emphasizes patients’ best attributes to fully develop their attractiveness. Due to his painstaking, exacting surgical maneuvers, the recovery time is decreased substantially, and patients can be fully recovered in as little as 10-14 days from major surgery.

Dr. Weintraub's Surgical Secrets

“Great facial surgery is invisible. Less is more.”

“When performing a facelift, it is very important to respect the natural curve of the lower earlobe so a patient does not have ‘satyr ears,’ a telltale sign of facial surgery.”

“Removing excess eyelid skin should never leave a patient looking like a deer caught in the headlights.”

“Jawline laxity adds a good ten years to someone’s looks. A neck lift should always create a neat, precise jawline.”