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Dr. Weintraub Featured in RealSelf News on Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation

Dr. Barry M. Weintraub was recently featured in the news section of the definitive plastic-surgical website RealSelf. In the article, titled, “Four Key Factors for a Natural-Looking Breast Augmentation,” Dr. Weintraub highlights key features that lend to the most natural breast augmentation results.

A popular procedure, breast augmentation adds volume to a patient’s breasts, usually with silicone or saline implants but also with autologous fat taken from a patient’s own body. To achieve the best results, Dr. Weintraub notes that augmented breasts “should have a gentle slope from the clavicle to the nipple-areola complex.” He goes on to say the nipples should be horizontal or slightly tilted upward, and the lower region of the breast should have the majority of the fullness. In addition, there should be cleavage on both the inner and outer sides of the breasts.

In the interview, Dr. Weintraub also discusses the importance of proportion to create the most natural-looking result. Wider hips often indicate that the patient can opt for slightly bigger implants for a proportionally balanced hourglass shape. As for placement, Dr. Weintraub recommends plastic surgeons avoid placing the breast implant over the muscle as it will appear “like a ball sitting on top of a chest,” which makes the augmentation very evident and not at all natural-looking.

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