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Dr. Weintraub Featured in The Daily Mail on Buccal Fat Removal

Often recognized by media publications for his advanced plastic surgery expertise, Dr. Barry M. Weintraub was recently featured on the British news website TheDailyMail.com. In the article, Dr. Weintraub discussed the cosmetic procedure known as “buccal fat removal,” which has grown in popularity over the past year due to celebrities like Chrissy Teigen revealing they underwent the surgery. Dr. Weintraub states that he has had twice as many patients ask about the procedure this year as compared to last.

Also known as a “cheek reduction” or “Bichats Fat Removal,” this surgery involves removing the fatty tissue located between your cheekbones and jawline to create a more angular face, which Dr. Weintraub notes is typically viewed as more beautiful. He performs approximately two buccal fat removals per week to help patients achieve their desired facial aesthetic. In his interview with The Daily Mail, he highlights the benefits of the procedure, saying that it can make patients look younger due to the angularity.

To perform buccal fat removal, Dr. Weintraub uses the intra-oral approach to avoid any external incision. Through this small aperture inside the cheek, he extracts a small amount of fatty tissue. The incision is then closed with dissolvable stitches. As explained in The Daily Mail article, the procedure is considered low-risk, and Dr. Weintraub notes that the recovery is relatively quick. Once swelling has resided, patients can see their enhanced facial contours and a more angular jawline.

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