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Dr. Weintraub Featured in W Magazine On Neck Lift Surgery

Board-certified NYC plastic surgeon Dr. Barry M. Weintraub was recently featured in the beauty section of the iconic American fashion magazine W. In the article titled, “‘Barbie Botox’ and Other Ways to Keep Your Neck and Chest Skin Smooth,” Dr. Weintraub discusses how neck-lift surgery can reverse signs of aging for a smoother, sharper, more youthful-looking appearance, often turning back the clock 15 or 20 years.

Dr. Weintraub explains that aesthetic concerns in the neck area such as loose neck skin and excess fat (“turkey neck”) and protruding vertical neck bands (platysmal bands) can commonly be attributed to the aging process, exacerbated by environmental impacts such as sun exposure, weight fluctuations, poor diet and lack of exercise. Some people have a genetic predisposition to a “turkey wattle,” he states.

When aesthetic enhancement is desired to address the appearance of an aged neck, Dr. Weintraub recommends neck-lift surgery as the most effective treatment. A neck lift can redefine this area by eliminating jowls, tightening excess skin, removing fat under the chin, and rejoining separated platysmal bands for a youthful neck. Dr. Weintraub performs neck lifts with advanced surgical techniques that target the supportive, deep layers of tissue for longer-lasting outcomes. The rejuvenating results of this procedure provide a slimmer, smoother jawline and youthful neck, especially when accompanied by non-invasive treatments to improve the skin’s tone and texture.

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